Quote of the day – Money

“We can tell our values by looking at our checkbook.”  Gloria Steinem

Perhaps not so much inspirational as practical, but something that’s very important as women.  I was a personal financial seminar yesterday given by a Galia Gichon- check out her website, Sown to Earth Finance for great tips and her new kit – My Money Matters.  who pointed out many facts I already know – women have a complicated relationship with money, women earn .79 cents to a man’s$1.00.  Women spend an average of 11 years out of the workforce caring for family.  Women live 10 years longer then men. All of this adds up to poor women – poor now and poor in retirement.  And then there are the issues women have with money – talk about a complicated relationship – we feel guilty for having money.  Many times we’re very good at making – but also very good at spending it. So good at spending it that we bankrupt ourselves – not literally perhaps, but in the sense of lost opportunity.  Want to change jobs to something that may pay less but is more fulfilling – you can’t if you’re overspending.  Want to spend more time with the kids – well it might be possible if you hadn’t shopped until you dropped.  Want a comfortable retirement?  How many bath towels do you own (Don’t worry – I am not pointing fingers – you should see my closets).

So take a few moments to look over your checkbook or your credit card statement and see what you’re really spending money on. Is it just the basics?  Or is the basics plus the TJ Max habit?  Which would make you feel better – an hour in the aisles of a store, or resting easy at night knowing you have money in the bank?  There’s a saying – Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.  Well, try this one – Nothing feels as good as rich.  And by rich, I don’t mean Donald Trump rich – I mean knowing you can survive for a few months if you lost your job, that you are saving for retirement, that your credit card debt is not taking over your life – that possibilities are opportunities are available to you because you have the means to seize them!

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