Quote of the Day – Believing

“It looks impossible until you do it, and then you find it is possible.” – Evelyn Underhill, mystic

If you have ever dreamed of doing something or making something, or being something, chances are someone else has done it before you.  And guess what, if they can do it, in most cases you can do (yes there are limits…physical, abilities), but in general if someone else has accomplished something you aspire to, then the good news is – it is possible.  Try to figure out what that person did – was it education, special training, or practice and try to do that.  Or better yet – choose the first rung of the ladder and aim for that – so if someone climbed a mountain and you want to do that, start with the hill.  Once you conquer the hill – you’ll see that it is possible.  Turning smaller goals into realities sets the basis for more “impossible” goals to become realities – you build a foundation store for success.

So go for it.

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