White House Round Up

Hi Girls! Lily here, bringing you this week’s White House Round Up! Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the Sasha and Malia are regular girls just like us. But this week the Obama girls were out at their soccer games with their dad, President Obama, cheering them on the sidelines! Even though they were playing at separate soccer games, their dad made sure to come watch both of them. WhenSasha’s team scored at her game, he even yelled, “Go…go…go..Goal!” It’s good to know the Obama girls love soccer just like so many of us!

But even though the girls play sports like us, they don’t get to do everything the same way. President Obama spoke this week about what’s going to happen when the girls start dating in a few years. Of course he’s going to be overprotective like any other parent, but he also worries about how they will deal with the secret service hanging around them when they go on dates. Imagine your first date in a few years…with your body guards tagging along! Your date would probably be super nervous if you were the president’s daughter and might not know how to act around you. The girls don’t have to worry about dating just yet, but the next time you wish you lived the life of an Obama girl in the White House, think about what they have to give up.

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