The Two Income Trap

There are the pros and cons to having two incomes.  But what happens when one income starts to outpace other yet isn’t quite double?


Now however, after, two kids in tow years and a brand new job, my husband’s income is now much greater than mine, but not quite double – so I can’t quite quit (even if I wanted to).  However, the new job means longer hours and a longer commute – and it isn’t the kind of place where a guy says – sorry, working from home today to take care of the kids.    So, all of the pick up and drop off, doctor’s appointment, emergency care will fall on me.  On the one hand while I am thrilled about the new opportunities for my husband, the prospect of 5 days a week of drop off and pick up, two kids to get changed and fed in the morning and the evening, plus a full-time job has me freaking out a bit.  I know it’s being a mommy, but somehow I have the feeling this is going to make me feel more like a pack mule then the glamorous working mother of two I have always thought of myself to be.  Is having it all going to become having too much?  Is this why women start to quit – too much at home, too much at work and not enough economic incentive?  Or will doing it all before and after affect my ability to do it all from 9 to 5?

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