Mission: Complete – Rebuilding the Hubble Telescope

Hey Girls! While you might have been having barbecues or some other kind of fun this weekend, the crew of Atlantis got to enjoy their weekend in a different way…by coming home to Earth!
Atlantis is a NASA space shuttle that was most recently used to service The Hubble, one of the largest space telescopes, which was carried into orbit in April of 1990, 19 years ago! What makes the Hubble telescope different from other space telescopes is that it can be fixed (or serviced) in space by astronauts so that it can function longer. This wasn’t the first time the Hubble has been serviced either. This recent voyage was Servicing Mission 4, an intense thirteen day mission, that might be the last. The crew took off on Atlantis on May 11th and returned on Sunday, May 24th. The work the crew of Atlantis accomplished made the Hubble telescope better than ever and will extend its lifespan by at least five years.

The Hubble telescope has helped scientists and astronomers to make many important discoveries and, after this mission, it can continue to give the world new tools to learn more about the Universe and how it started.
Atlantis also has a unique first in history: it was home to the first ever Twitter update from space! (If you don’t already know, Twitter is a social-networking site where users can post updates about their lives.) Michael Massimino, the first person to use Twitter in space, sent this message, “From orbit: Launch was awesome!! I am feeling great, working hard, & enjoying the magnificent views, the adventure of a lifetime has begun!” If you want to read all of Michael Massimino’s Twitter updates during Servicing Mission 4, you can read them on http://twitter.com/Astro_Mike. What an incredible adventure to be on!

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