Weekly White House Round Up

Hey Girls! It’s Rose here, with this week’s White House Round Up! Here’s something I found out that I thought was a little surprising: since the Obama family has moved into the White House, Sasha and Malia get to spend more time with their dad, not less! Now they get to see him in the mornings, and every night for dinner, and can even walk in to see him in his office when he’s working (but not too often—he’s a busy man!) According to the First Lady, this is more normal than the family has been in a long time. It’s great to know that the Obama family finally feels like they’re more of a family again and can spend more time together!

Sasha and Malia continued to bond with their family over Memorial Day weekend, when they went to Camp David to relax. Camp David is the official vacation spot for every First Family of the United States and is located in Maryland. It’s an awesome place for the girls to hang out since it has cabins, tennis courts, a swimming pool, putting greens, and lots of trails to hike on. It sounds like a really fun place to spend the weekend! President Obama and the First Lady have also said that they plan to go back to Camp David a lot over the summer so the Obama girls can enjoy a nice summer vacation. I wonder what else the Obama girls plan to do during their summer vacation? As soon as we find out, we’ll let you know!

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