Ban Blue Jeans?

Hi Girls, it’s Daisy, your reluctant fashionista. So, I was surfing the web the other day when I came across this pretty strange fashion article. Now, normally, I wouldn’t be so intrigued by a fashion article, unless it was more of the do-it-yourself kind. But this one was different: it was written by an older man and was all about why denim is bad. It was even titled, “Demon Denim!”

Personally, I love denim! To me, there’s nothing more comfortable than a well-worn pair of jeans. But the author of this article apparently thought differently. He said that if Grace Kelly would not have worn certain clothing, then girls shouldn’t wear it either. Just in case you don’t know who Grace Kelly is, here’s a heads-up: she was an Academy-Award winning actress and style icon. If you’ve ever heard the song, “Grace Kelly” by MIKA, it’s about her! She was known for wearing very fancy, fashionable outfits—big dresses and frilly skirts. Don’t get me wrong, I love Grace Kelly, but it seems totally unrealistic to do every day things wearing a ball gown. I cannot imagine building a computer or playing video games looking like that! Every girl deserves the chance to dress up sometimes, but to say that girls should always look like Grace Kelly seems a bit weird to me. I think a girl’s style should reflect who she is and what she likes. I don’t want anyone to tell me I have to look like a glamorous movie star every day of my life. I wonder if the man who wrote that article ever tried writing computer programs while wearing high heels and an evening dress!

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    hi, GMD! loved your article – thank you for the MIKA hint, not sure everybody knew that 🙂
    you gave an idea for one of the next outfit competitions – “computer programming outfit” – just to tease the men out a little bit…

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