Quote of the Day – Amelia Earhart

“The most effective way to do it, is to do it.” –Amelia Earhart

I found this quote the other day and really liked it. A lot of times I’ll think of something I really want to do and tell myself that I’ll get around to it…but I never do. Sometimes, you just have to have confidence in yourself and do something, no matter how scary or hard it seems.

Just like Amelia Earhart did, who said the quote. She was the first woman to fly an airplane solo across the Atlantic Ocean, and set lots of other records in aviation, the art and science of flying. I was always sort of fascinated by Amelia Earhart because she not only accomplished so many things as a pilot, but she also wrote best-selling books about her experiences and formed an organization for other female pilots called The Ninety-Nines. She was incredibly courageous and took a lot of risks in order to make her dreams a reality. Unfortunately, she went missing during her attempt to fly all the way around the world in 1937. It’s sad, but also rather mysterious, since nobody knows what happened to her. But I think it’s awesome that she was last seen by the world trying to break another record and gain another achievement. Who knows, maybe she achieved it after all but nobody ever found out about it!

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  1. glenn says

    Amelia Erhardt was a pretty good pilot, but that alone would not have made her as famous as she became.
    She was just lucky….
    Like being in the right place at the right time, when the media was ready to hype anything that was news.
    (Back then there was only radio, newspapers, and magazines.)
    Lots of what went on in her life was driven by the media.
    When she married that rich guy who could finance her flying that only added fuel to the fire.
    If Amelia had been successful in her around the world flight, it would probably have been her last spectacular attempt at record-breaking. The Second World War was on its way and she would have been something patriotic like a WAF-volunteer. But then she would have been too old when it was over, and on her way to being a has-been.
    When she failed in her attempt to fly around the world, it gave the media something else to keep Mr. and Mrs. America glued to their radios for the latest breaking news. It is horribly unfair that a person becomes more famous for dying than they do for living, and are thus remembered as being more than they were.
    I’m sorry- I didn’t mean to pop your balloon- It’s just that there needs to be some perspective here.

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