Perfect Attendance – For Real

Stephanie Zaner on the right
Stephanie Zaner on the right
Okay, girls, this is one is a jaw dropper! I was reading the newspaper and this story leapt off the page. I couldn’t believe that a teen in Darnestown, Maryland, had maintained over a decade in perfect attendance.
That’s right, Stefanie Zaner has never missed a day of public school in 13 years. Whew! Stefanie had not missed one day since kindergarten. She is graduating from high school with perfect attendance for 13 years, a whopping total of 2,340 days of straight schooling. Zaner claims to have never caught a bad cold, broken a bone, or gotten very sick. She also never missed school for a college visit, vacation, “mental health” day, senior skip day, or injury. Now that is what I call determination!
Zaner is a student at Northwest High School in Maryland, and plans on going to the University of Maryland in the fall. Even though she says the last two years were “the most stressful years of [her] life,” she never failed to sum up the motivation to get up, get dressed, and head over to school in the morning. Stefanie says that she didn’t go into public school in kindergarten wanting to never miss a day. After all, that’s not what’s really on the mind of a 6 year old. Plus, schools are one of easiest places to get sick. Everyone shares desks and lockers; people come into contact almost constantly throughout the day. The Maryland teen notes that in elementary school, they gave out awards for perfect attendance. I remember that when I was in middle school, they did that, too. Every year, however, the amount of kids who would receive the award would be less and less. Stefanie apparently liked getting the award as a kind of recognition. I mean, who wouldn’t want an award for showing up every single school day of the year? But, sooner than later, she was the only one getting it.
Stefanie Zaner made a real accomplishment this year. It helps, as she admits, that she is naturally very healthy. Never catching the variety of mild illnesses that racked the absences for her classmates, Zaner graduates high school absence free. This teenager didn’t just accomplish perfect attendance. She is graduating as a straight-A student. Furthermore, she was admitted into the honors program at the University of Maryland earlier this year. It is truly amazing that this young girl realized that perseverance to get good grades and show up is all you need. Stefanie Zaner is a real GirlMogul in my books, and we wish her luck in college!
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