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Up Movie
Up Movie
Hey GirlMoguls! It’s Rose here, and I wanted to tell you about this AMAZING movie I just saw! UP! Remember all those fantastic animated movies like Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Ratatouille, and Wall*E? Well, those guys at Pixar made all those movies, and also just came out with the movie UP. From the first 5 minutes to the very last, the entire theater was loving this movie. From the kids younger than me to the grandparents in the theater, everyone was crying and laughing out loud during the movie. I’ve got to say, Pixar definitely has done it again.

Finishing off the weekend with a whopping 68.1 million dollar profit, UP really captured the moviegoer’s attention. The movie is about the most adorable and hilarious grumpy old man in the world- Carl Fredricksen. Within the first 5 minutes, you get a first-hand look into Carl’s life, and I’ve got to admit, even I was tearing up. Carl makes a living as a balloon salesman. When his house and life are at risk by modern construction, Carl relies on what he’s always known to fulfill his dream: balloons. He goes on a wild adventure to land that he’s always dreamed of with his wife, Ellie. However, the hilarity only continues when Carl realizes that he has a passenger on board with him! Russell, a very very eager boy scout, was too tough for Carl to get rid of and happen to ride on his porch.

So, Carl and Russell make the trip of lifetime, and find some friends and foes along the way. Through talking dogs and funny birds, this movie was everything you wanted it to be. Pixar created an emotional movie with a heartfelt ending, yet still gave audiences something to laugh about the entire time. So go out and see this movie! I promise it will one of your favorites!

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