Having it All when you're a Lawyer

I was just reading one of the Wall Street Journal’s Blog – LawLife.  And as usual I found the posting to be interesting and relevant.  It was about Women and their rush to exit big law firms because of the high demands (hours, time away from kids) and the “alternate” (read more family friendly) law careers they are flocking too.


Of course I read it with interest – even though I am not a lawyer I am interested in how professional women integrate work and family.  And there was some good stuff in there, especially if you were a lawyer – the contract law positions that pay pretty well and allow you to choose flexible schedules (10-50 hours, chunks of time vs. long term part time).


But what I always find most interesting are the posts – some of the venom in there is just amazing – “Women can’t expect to have it all.”  “How nice that these women are in a position to choose to work less for less money.”  “Why should the big firms have to change?”  “Just shut up and deal”  etc.


It seems to me that there is so much rancor out there between the haves and the have nots (not about money, but about things – lifestyle, work arrangements, a well-incomed spouse, a stay at home spouse).  It’s as if, in order to feel good about the choice one has made, you must hurl insults at all other choices to bolster your position.  Not good – smacks of fanaticism – and we know where that leads…


Dream Big…

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