Video Games aren't just for Boys

Who ever even said video games were only for boys? Thought it was not cool to carry around a portable game player?

Well, Ladies, do I have news for you!

It’s GirlMogul Lily here, to tell you about something awesome out there on the market, that’s made for us girls. Video are not only boys anymore. With colors like matte baby blue and metallic rose, Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi are out there on the market for girls, too. Even adults are picking these things off the shelves. What’s the coolest new thing about the new Nintendo DSi you ask? It’s not even the system itself, but a brand new game by Ubisoft.

Ubisoft has taken various leadership on the creation of games for the Nintendo DSi, but this one takes the cake. They’ve now created an entire brand of new games of us tween girls! How awesome is that?! The brand is called Style Lab and takes advantage of not only the portability of the Nintendo system, but also features like its camera. Specifically, with the game Style Lab Jewelry Designer, you get to be a real designer and even entrepreneur! You get to design your own jewelry, with everything from beads to thematic design, and then create your own virtual boutique to sell your creations. And GirlMoguls, you can even find real life versions of your designs with a budget-friendly price of under $20.

But, the fun does not stop at jewelry. With the rest of the Style Lab games, you get to design an entire lifestyle. You can use your Nintendo DSi to take your picture and change your hairstyles, clothes, and looks completely. You can rack up virtual points to go shopping, and design everything from hair to clothing to accessories. I think I need to get on this now, and call my friend GirlMogul Daisy (our favorite Fashionista) to discover my personal style! Give it a whirl, girls, and let me know how it goes!

GirlMogul Lily

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