To Hug or not to Hug

Hey Girls! Recently, I read an online article about a new teen fad that has been sweeping the country. It is being banned by principals in some schools across the country and is even being analyzed by adults. So, what’s this new craze that has gotten everyone so concerned? Hugging.

I was pretty surprised by this, because I don’t see anything wrong with hugging. Whenever I see a friend for the first time in a few days, or someone who looks really sad, my first instinct is to always open my arms and give them a hug. But now, school principals are criticizing teenagers for hugging too much, saying that physical touching is dangerous territory. I know that fighting can be dangerous, but I see nothing wrong with a hug! The way some adults are analyzing hugging seems to be pretty strange, almost like analyzing the customs of a wild animal. One parent said that hugging is “a wordless custom, from what I’ve observed” and that it’s “needless.” Who would’ve thought that a gesture meant to show affection, friendship and warmth can be thought to be dangerous and bad?

Whether you like to hug your friends and family or not, I think it’s a good idea to make sure you show the important people in your life that you care about them. There are other good ways to do that besides hugging, but every once in a while, I think a good long hug feels good!

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