From Saleswoman to CEO: The Story of Mary Kay Ash

Mary Kay lived her life by a single mantra: “God first, family second, career third.” She spent her life not in pursuit of a cosmetics company, but actually in pursuit of a way to help women in the business world. And actually, it seems to me, that she accomplished both.
Mary Kay Ash is true Texan girl. Big hair, big personality, and big dreams were ways to describe this vivacious woman, according to her peers. I wish I could’ve seen it for myself. She was born on May 12, 1918, in Hot Wells, Texas. Mary went o high school in Houston. She even attended the University of Houston. In 1943, Mary Kay got married and had three children. Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t work out and she got a divorce.
But, even in that decade, being a single mother did not stop this GirlMogul! She worked her way up from a saleswoman at a home product firm to business tycoon. Mary Kay retired in 1963 out of frustration with the corporate world. Apparently, Mary Kay was left out n the dust when a male colleague she actually trained was given the promotion she deserved. Thus, she set out to write a book about how to help women get further in the business world. But, the book actually turned her onto her own business. And Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc. was born! With only $5,000, Mary Kay and her son Richard began the business.
The company grew from just a little store in Dallas, Texas. The company was notorious for giving out pink Cadillac’s to their best sales people. The more pink Cadillac’s on the road, the better the company was doing! (I wished I got a pink car!) Not only was she a very successful businesswoman, Mary Kay was also honored for her charity. She started the Mary Kay Charitable foundation to fight domestic violence and cancers that affect women.
Her company grew to a multi-billion dollar company. Before she died on November 22, 2001, Mary Kay wrote 3 national best-selling books, and was given several business honors. She was a mogul, mom, and trail-blazer. And, judging by her picture, she looked like a lot of fun!

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