Rich Women vs. Rich Men

I came across Fortune’s Richest list online.  One section was "Richest Billionaires under 35"  There were maybe 20 names on the list – two were women and the rest men.  For the women, one was listed as being a fashionista and loved to attend fashion shows.  The other was heralded with the comment "Beware gold diggers – she’s already married."  For all the men, the snapshit listed the details of their wealth, their accomplishments and what they were doing – serious stuff.  Now – there is a difference – several of the men were self-made millionaires.  The others on the list, including the two women, inherited their wealth – and that does account for a difference in the list of activities – self made millionaires keep working.  Those that inherit wealth seem to shop, and get married…But surely these women must do something else worth mentioning – even the German prince who raced cars was taken more seriously – he races with a "team",then these two women.   I am sure several of the male billionaires have shopping passions or are already married and thefore – unavailable.  But there was no mention of this trivial information in their bios. 

The media still seems intent on trivalizing the accomplishments of men over women…women who control the wealth of small nations perceived as shoppers and housewives, when in realityt they wield a lot of influcence and we should give them their due – as billionaireness…

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