Bonjour Obama Girls!

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Last weekend, where were Sasha and Malia Obama? They were brushing up their French in the grand city of Paris! Pretty cool for an 8th birthday present, huh?
Michelle Obama took both the Obama girls last Friday for a week vacation in Paris, France. President Obama joined them on his way home from foreign diplomatic duties for the weekend. Their awesome trip included sight-seeing at the Notre Dame, visiting the Pompidou Center, and walking around a modern art museum. The Obama girls even drove down the Champs Elysees and la Place de la Concorde with an entire presidential motorcade! And, that was only during Saturday and Sunday…
On Saturday evening, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama shared an intimate date (or tried to!). The last few days of the trip, however, were in celebration of Sasha’s 8th birthday. President Barack Obama took the plane home on Sunday, but Michelle and the Obama girls stayed for some fabulous sightseeing and shopping. The Obama girls fit in some haute couture Parisian shopping during their vacation, and we expect nothing less from the very fashionable Michelle Obama. Stores even closed down completely to let Sasha and Malia shop! That’s a perk I would love to have. Wouldn’t you? For instance, a Left Bank store closed completely to let the girls in early to get some shopping in. Crowds lined the streets of Paris to see the Obama’s and cheer them on. The whole family was there, except one of our favorite new additions- Bo! I’m sure the Obama girls played with him when they got home…

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