Weekend Project – Make Your Own Nailpolish

Hey Girlmoguls! Poppy here, and I’m going to tell you about new science expedition! I’m going to venture into world of nail color! So, after a lot of experimenting, I finally have a plan that works, and I wanted to share it with you. I know that there a ton of nail polishes out there in a bunch of colors, but they can get so expensive! My allowance definitely does NOT support the amount of colors I like to use. Nail polish is a way to express yourself, and it’s fun to change your nail color depending on the mood. You can draw funky designs (which I’m going to start attempting) or match the color to your outfit. Now, you only have to buy one bottle of polish to create a whole rainbow of colors! Here’s how you to do it:

Ingredients: 1 bottle of clear or white nail polish
Eye shadow in the color of your choice (make sure you loosen in into a fine powder!)
A pinch of glitter, also in the color of your choice (optional)
A small piece of paper, and a piece of tape

Directions: 1. First, roll the piece of paper into a cone shape. Do this by taking one corner of the sheet and rolling the rest of the paper around it. Tape the edge on the outside to the rest of the cone so it stays put.

2. Second, place the cone as a funnel into the top of the bottle of nail polish. If you want to stretch your dollar, split the nail polish into more than one bottle before you begin. That way, you can create as many colors as you’d like. Just follow the steps for each color!

3. Third, pour the eyeshadow and glitter into the bottle using the funnel.

4. Remove the funnel and stir the mixture with a thin stick, such as a toothpick. Add more color if you want the color to be darker or brighter. Start small- you can always add more!

Enjoy your very own nail polish creations! You can turn your old cosmetics into awesome nail color. If you even have old power blush lying around, you can crush that and turn it into a pretty pink or lovely red color! Enjoy and keep on creating!

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