Rampant Sexism in the Media or Just Plain Dislike

There has been a groundswell feeling that Senator Clinton suffered an unusually high level of media based sexism while running her campaign.  A few women’s group and a grass roots campaign of women are calling on the media to review their treatment and admit and correct any mistakes.   See the NY Times Article.

I am not a big watcher of cable news or regular news – I heard most of the comments long aster they happened – Chris Matherws calling Sen. Clinton a she devil. Tucker Carlson saying he felt he needed to cross his legs every time he saw her.  Now some may argue that it’s not women in general that brought about these comments, but the specific person.

Fine. And while most of us will never be subjected to level of media scrunity that faces a presidential candidate it pays to remember while no one is telling you to go home and iron shirts, that there lots of other, little ways that shape up to sexism – it may be someone else deciding you don’t want the traveling job, it may be that someone (man) doing the same job gets paid more than you do because he has a family to support…it may be laughing at what other’s say and not getting mad about it.

So just remember no matter how far we’ve come ladies and girls, we’re not all the way there.   Don’t let anyone count you out.

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