Scrapbooking for Dad

Hey girls! This Sunday is Father’s Day! If you’re tired of getting your dad the same old tie every year, why not try making him a scrapbook? It can be really inexpensive and easy to do! You don’t have to stick to only making one for Father’s Day, scrapbooks are great gifts to give to anyone…or keep for yourself! The first thing you’ll need to do is find some pictures for your scrapbook—for Father’s Day, ones of you and your dad or your whole family doing fun things you enjoy! If you don’t have any pictures you can use, take some new ones. But don’t let the people you’re photographing know what it’s for—that will ruin the surprise! For the book itself, you can use a scrapbook album which is available at craft stores, or make your own. Why not try going green and use an old notebook for your scrapbook? Or if you’re feeling creative, take some blank pieces of paper together and punch holes through them, and hold them all together using some ribbon! Once you have your scrapbook, place the pictures however you like, then decorate! You can write captions or quotes, add stickers, or draw pictures…whatever you like that reminds you of the memories or people who are in the pictures. You can put anything you want in your scrapbook, so think of things that are unique and creative—like adding in pressed flowers or special keepsakes. Making a scrapbook is an awesome present for Father’s Day because it really shows your dad how much you care about him. Anyone can go to the store and buy a present, but making one yourself shows effort, creativity, and a lot of love!

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