Chowing Down with the Obamas

When you have a really busy schedule like the Obama family’s, it’s hard to maintain a healthy diet and remember to exercise all the time. But the Obamas seem to be able to maintain a good balanced lifestyle by eating foods they enjoy—like burgers and French fries—along with healthy foods too. They also make sure to exercise regularly: President Obama and Michelle fit in early-morning workout sessions before they begin their day, and President Obama is often seen playing games of basketball. Michelle also planted the White House vegetable garden, which provides a good source of vegetables for the entire family.

The first family is showing a great example that you don’t have to give up all the foods you love in order to have a healthy lifestyle, you just have to make sure that you maintain a good balance between healthy foods and less healthy cravings while getting plenty of exercise. There’s no reason to give up eating burgers, French fries, or other foods you might love completely for a healthy life. Just don’t eat too much of them! The Obama family don’t go on diets, either. The White House chef has advised that it’s better for the Obama family to maintain a healthy lifestyle including their favorite foods than to go on diets, because diets are really easy to fall off of, but a healthy lifestyle can stay with you forever! So what are some of the places the Obamas love to go to for their favorite treats? Ben’s Chili Bowl, Five Guys, and Ray’s Hell Burger. Sounds delicious!

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