Quote of the Day – Toughness

“Toughness doesn’t have to come in a pinstripe suit.”
-Dianne Feinstein

Hey girls, it’s Lily here. You know, I’ve become interested in this whole finance thing ever since all the talks of the economy began a year ago. I wanted to learn more about it, and began to read about financial literacy. I’m going to be writing some posts on it for us girls so make sure you keep checking back for them!

Anyway, while I was reading up on the economy and how things work, I started reading about this politician named Dianne Feinstein. She is one of California’s senators, and has a list of “firsts” to her name. For instance, she was the first and only mayor of San Francisco EVER! She’s a true GirlMogul, and to read more about her click here.

In this quotation, Dianne Feinstein was talking about women in politics. Often, women are treated brutally by the world of politics, and are unfortunately called “unable” to make tough decisions. This misconception is something women like Feinstein have proved wrong. Women can break the glass ceiling of politics while still embracing their femininity. We can all be real-life girlmoguls like this female senator, and make the tough decisions for our country. However, like Feinstein says, toughness does not only come in a pinstripe suit. I really liked this quote, because it is quirky, and ultimately, so true. Women can be tough without trying to dress in corporate suits and get short hair cuts. We can embrace who we are, our gender, and still capture the same ability to have the high-paying jobs that run corporations and the government. Feinstein was and is still one of only two female, Jewish senators, and the first female to serve on several Senatorial committees. If we follow her lead, we can face the tough decisions we need to in the world while still loving our hot pink suits, without the pinstripes. So, go out there GirlMoguls and show your stuff!

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