Are you ready to vote?

Hey Girl Moguls! It’s Lily here, bringing you some new gossip I’ve heard. No, it’s not celebrity gossip, but gossip about voting! What kind of gossip can there be about voting? Well, recently there have been talks about lowering the voting age for Americans to 17 or even 16, allowing younger teenagers to vote a year or two earlier than they would have to at 18! Currently, the voting age in the United States is 18, although in some states 17 year olds can vote in primary elections if they will be 18 before the general election. So how does the voting age in the United States rank against the rest of the world? 18 is actually the most common voting age, with only a few countries differing from this age slightly. Some countries, like North Korea, have a voting age of 17, some, like Brazil, Austria and Cuba, have a voting age of 16, while Uzbekistan has a voting age of 25! Also a couple countries, including Bosnia and Serbia, have allow people between the ages of 16-18 to vote only if they are employed. A lot of countries around the world, the United States included, have proposed to lower the voting age, although that doesn’t mean anything will change. Citizens who want to lower the voting age argue that at 16, teenagers can own and drive cars, a responsibility that takes a lot of maturity, like voting. Many teenagers take great interest in politics and want the right to actively participate in government. But is 16 or 17 too young for some teens to make crucial decisions about politics? Should they be given more time to fully form their ideas and opinions? Tell me what you think!

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