A little slice of Nirvana

I had the occasion yesterday to find myself sitting in a Starbuck’s drinking coffee at 9 am in the morning.  It was Nirvana.  I wasn’t alone.  My 2 year old was at daycare and his baby sister was going to the doctor at 9:30. I had a half hour to kill, a blissful half hour after the morning rush was done, to sit in the window table at a local Starbuck’s with a sleeping baby and a large cup of coffee.

So this is what it feels like – this manageable state of affairs.  A little time to drink coffee, a break in the busyness of the day.  Is this what it feels like to be a not working mom?  Or would I have had two restless children (no daycare) and/or no money for coffee?


Too many deep thoughts for my little interlude – time to focus on the coffee, the rush of people on their way to various things, and the cute little rosebud face in front of me.


  1. says

    What you have described here is the exact reason that companies like Starbucks are so phenomenally successful!
    It is an attainable luxury that costs little to produce and attracts an empathetic crowd, thus creating a perfect environment for a perfect product.
    Now, if we could all create a product that follows the same formula we could all lounge around at Starbucks and enjoy our passive income success :).

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