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Hey everyone! It’s GirlMogul Lily, here, and I HAVE to tell you about my room. I’m clean (not dirty), but messy (not neat). I like my floors to be swept and my shelves to be dusted, but I have too much stuff! I have my books on my desk and bed. Since I change at least two times in the morning, my clothes are all over the place. Things are getting tougher at school, and I realized that I was getting a bit stressed out. I had no space to put the books and notebooks I actually had to use for homework. The last thing I need to worry about is putting all my stuff away!

So, I read this book my mom gave me, called Where’s My Stuff? The Ultimate Teen Organizing Guide by Samantha Moss and Lesley Schwartz. I thought it was ridiculous at first- I mean, how do the authors of the book know the problems with my specific room? But, surprisingly, I guess they did! It turns out their organizing tips can be applied to any room, and they even give you ways to make the tips and instructions personal. There are planners and checklists at the end of the book to make sure you actually stay on top of your stuff, which I found very helpful. The book is laid out by the following tabs” “Getting Started,” “School Stuff,” “Time and Activities,” and “Your Room.” The two sections I found most helpful were the “Getting Started” section, and the “School Stuff” section. I liked the “Getting Started” part because it explained to me why it is so important to be organized. I wasn’t convinced at first, but then after reading it I realized how much time I could saving during the day if everything had a functional space. Also, I realized I probably won’t be as stressed once everything is organized.

I liked the book because it didn’t just address physical issues, like too many books on a desk. It also talks about getting other parts of your life together, such as timing for extracurricular activities and hanging out with friends. After reading it, I’m going to try some of their unique ideas when it comes to laying out the plan for the day, and using what notebooks for what. I highly suggest reading this book, and I will let you know how all the tips work out for me!

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