Proving Science Sterotypes Wrong

Hi Girls! It’s probably not a shock to any of you that I love science and that, not to brag, I think that I’m pretty good at it! I know that I’m as good as the boys I know, and probably even better! But for some reason, there’s a lasting stereotype that boys are better in math and science than girls. Ridiculous, right? Some researchers used to argue that boys are just naturally smarter when it comes to the sciences than girls are. Although the majority of people don’t believe this, some other researchers have been doing lots of experiments to try to prove the stereotype wrong, and they’re succeeding! What these researchers have discovered is that in a lot of areas of the world, boys do better in math and sciences than girls, but not because they’re any smarter. It’s the culture around them that affects how they do in math, not their natural intelligence. This is something that should be stopped immediately! The good news is that in the United States, girls and boys have become about equal in terms of how well they do in these subjects. Girls perform as well as boys in standardized math tests and take high school calculus at the same rate as boys. The point is, girls can do just as well as boys in math and science, we just need to show it! I love science, performing experiments, figuring out problems, studying animals, and all kinds of fun stuff, and I know I can do all these things just as well as any boy I know. Let’s all prove to the world that this stereotype isn’t true. Science is awesome!

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