Giveaway of the week – I Care Bracelet

At GirlMogul we’re a big supporter of the I Care line of jewelry for girls because it helps support Girls, Inc non-profit dedicated to helping girls – now that’s something we can get behind, so we’re giving away a I Care Lock and Key Bracelet. All you have to do to win: Tell us what your most important and favorite thing in the world is and why in the comments below. Contest ends Wed. July 1st, so get your entry in.

Hi Everyone – thanks for entering – this contest is closed, but be sure to check our our latest one here.

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  1. My daughter Bria is a very positive, grateful little girl. Besides my husband, she is my LIFE. It wasn’t until she was born that I fully understood what it meant to be blessed. She was born on Mother’s Day, 2002 and she is the greatest gift I could have ever asked for. I’m so proud of her academics (she recently won the 2009 Student of the Year, All Round Student and Leadership awards) and career (modeling and acting) accomplishments as well. She is definintely an example of what Girl Modul Mag is all about.

  2. The most important thing for me is education. From school I have learned so much: literature has broadened my mind to new ideas and viewpoints and ways of expressing and communicating my own ideas, math has allowed me to approach problems and solve them quickly and accurately, history has shown me the past and the things I can do to shape our future, science has explained to me the natural phenomena of the world and linguistics has widened my horizons of global cultures. Education has shaped and defined my life, and I absolutely love learning.

  3. I love talking to my friends. Whether it’s joking around about that funny thing that happened in class or talking about serious things, being with friends always makes me feel better.

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