Go on a Blast from the Past!

Hey, it’s Rose here! I just got back from a day trip to a local historical village, and I had a blast! Even though it’s now officially summer and I don’t have to think about school for a few months, this trip was so much fun! What better way is there to learn about history than to experience it?
Just in case you don’t know, a historical village or village restoration (they sometimes go by different names) is a village that recreates a time in history—usually during the colonial era—so you can visit and see first-hand what it would have been like to live there during that time. Even though you can learn as much history in a historical village as you would inside a classroom, the experience is just as fun as visiting an amusement park! The most famous historical village in the United States is probably Colonial Williamsburg, which is located in Virginia, but there are tons of other historical villages all around the country, and tickets usually aren’t too expensive, either. Also during the summer, historical villages will sometimes host cool events, like festivals, barn-raisings, or 4th of July festivities. Check out the local historical villages near you to see what events are going on this summer. Or just go on a regular day and experience history like you never have before. After visiting a historical village, I usually wish that I could’ve lived in that time period…but then I remember that they didn’t have computers back then, and I’m thankful that I just get to visit for the day!

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