DIY Project: Update Your Dreary Old Mailbox!

Hey GirlMoguls! It’s Daisy here, and I have a brand new and awesome DIY project. No, it’s not clothes, and no, it’s not a backpack; it’s a MAILBOX! Never thought that would be fun? Well, I am here to tell you that is was so much fun to revamp a mailbox. I always looked at dingy, old, rusty mailboxes and thought, why can’t I make it original and chic? After all, everyone sees our mailbox! It should fun, colorful, and representative of a whole family. So my friend and I got to it! Her dad took us to Loews hardware store where we got a plain, white mailbox that was around $16. We also bought a can of gloss to spray on to seal the paint in after I was finished. You can see our pictures below. Here’s what you need to make an original creation:

Supplies: 1 plain, new, white mailbox; $16.50 from Loews or Home Depot
1 can of exterior all-weather gloss coat; $4.99 from Loews or Home Depot (try the brand Valspar)
Set of acrylic paints, in colors of your choice; $0.99 each from A.C. Moore or Michael’s
Set of basic small paintbrushes; $4.99 for a basic set from A.C. Moore or Michael’s
Newspaper or table coverings
Cup of water
Paper/plastic plate to dispense and mix colors

Here’s how you make it:
1. Lay out some newspapers on your table in order not to ruin it, and fill a cup with water to wash your brushes.
2. Pour all the paint colors you want to use onto a plate or paint palate, mixing some colors to make new shades you also want to use.
3. Using a pencil, lightly sketch the design you want to paint on your mailbox. Remember to incorporate aspects that are important to see, such as your house number or maybe your last name.
4. Start painting! You can use any amount of colors you want, and you may want to consider outdoor motifs for your mailbox like flowers!
5. Let your mailbox dry when you’re finished, and then spray at least 2 coats of the outdoor gloss coat. This will ensure that your fine artwork will not wash away from outdoor rain, snow, and or any kind of precipitation!
Enjoy your funky new mailbox and keep on creating! Remember, these mailboxes are affordable to make (under $25 once you have some paints!), and allow you to include a personal touch. Because of that, they make awesome gifts! Give them to a new couple for a housewarming party, for a friend or family member for a birthday, or ever for a dad or mom for Father’s Day or Mother’s Day! Enjoy!

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