Good Bye Michael Jackson

When I turned on the TV at 6 PM, the last thing I expected to see were celebrities sharing their thoughts on the death of Michael Jackson. Death of Michael Jackson? That just could not be true. He just re-released the album of Thriller, after its 25th anniversary. My mom was so excited. He was scheduled to go on tour in London in just a few short weeks. He was still in news all the time, and on the brink of a complete comeback. But death? I just couldn’t believe it.

He apparently went into cardiac arrest, and was rushed to the hospital from his home in Bel-Air. Sadly, the King of Pop died after only 50 years of life, and 40 years of stardom.

Michael Jackson revolutionized not only the music industry, but the dance industry as well. He made pop music and pop videos what they are today. He affected so many lives around the world, and got so many people to get off their couch and dance to his beats. Starting with the Jackson five and then moving on to a solo career, MJ really hit the height of pop music. He sold over 750 million records and had the world humming his tunes. But, I think one of the most important parts to celebrate about his career was his innovation. He was so inventive with his beats, his hooks, and his choreography. Songs like “I Want You Back” “Bille Jean” and “Black and White” can still play at a party and even kids like us will recognize the songs. And, of course, when the song and video for “Thriller” came out, I think everyone knew the dance world would never be same again. He added a story line, theatrics, and awesome dance moves to a music video in a way that had never been done before. Even on the show we all love to watch Wednesday nights, So You Think You can Dance, paid tribute to the star by playing a clip of the Thriller video.

Although his life took bizarre and unfortunate twists in his later years, Michael Jackson definitely started turning things around again in his last 2 years. He broke out an album with the favorites, went on tour to perform his memorable moonwalk, leg hits, and head shakes, and even incorporated new and young stars like Usher. We cannot possibly fathom the impact his career has had on the world, but we can realize that it brought a lot of the world together through music and moves. No one will ever forget the amazing things Michael Jackson has contributed during his lifetime, and how many lives he has changed.


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