ATTENTION ALL REAL LIFE GIRLMOGULS! Hey Girls, I have some super exciting news! You still have the chance to be on the cover of a magazine! GirlMogul Magazine is going into print, and we’re looking for a real life GirlMogul to be on the cover of the magazine. We want a real girl to represent us GirlMoguls, and we know you’ve got in you!

You spoke, and we listened. We want you to know that we are all about encouraging success in girls, and inspiring young women everywhere. We need a girl like you to represent that awesome girl who is going out there to fulfill her dreams. And, the best part is, we want to help you fulfill those dreams. Just enter the contest, and you could be on the cover of a print magazine, $5000 in cash, a brand new MACBOOK, and a $250 gift certificate for GirlMogul apparel and accessories!

So, what do you have to lose? Enter now to win! It’s simple, just click here to apply. We want to know one simple thing what makes you a GirlMogul! Tell us about your dreams, your thoughts, and what you want to do in this world. The contest ends on July 11, 2009 so hurry and good luck everyone!

Posted by GirlMogul Lily

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