The Obama Girls See Their Role Model: Beyonce!

Hey Girls! It’s Rose here, bringing you this week’s White House Round Up! Earlier this week, the Obama girls went with their mom to see one of their favorite singers, Beyonce! Sasha, Malia, and Michele went to her concert in Washington D.C. along with some friends from Chicago and some White House staffers. The Obama family is known for being big fans of Beyonce: she even sang for the President Obama and Michele’s first dance on inauguration night! The best part of the concert for them, though, was probably when Beyonce gave the girls a special shout-out before her hit song “Single Ladies.” She yelled out to the audience, “This is for Sasha and Malia—and all my single ladies!” Wow! How awesome would that be to have your favorite singer and role model make a personal shout-out to you during his or her concert?! Sasha, Malia and Michele weren’t the only Obamas at the show, though! Although President Obama was not there in person, he was there in video! Apparently, there is a video montage in the concert that includes a clip of President Obama mimicking Beyonce’s dancing from her “Single Ladies” music video. I wonder what it was like for the girls to be watching her concert and suddenly see their dad in a video? I know I would be pretty embarrassed! It’s great to know that they love going to concerts just like many of us do, too. Although I wish that my favorite singer would give me a shout-out during her concert, too!

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