Is Having it All Worth Having a Few Extra Pounds?



So as I often have to remind myself, I really do have it all – great kids, great husband, good job, nice house, nice cars, money in my pocket, the freedom to make choices about how I spend my money/time etc.  After I have patted myself on the back, and then check out my waistline. Not what it once was.  I remember pre-kids going to the gym and thinking, gee, how hard it is to fit into my schedule.  Now with two kids, impossible.  So I bought the equipment and it’s downstairs, in an air conditioned room, in front of a TV loaded with cable.



Does having it all mean having a few extra pounds?  No matter how much exercise I manage to squeeze in or how many cupcakes I avoid, there always seems to be a few more pounds to lose.  My thighs seem to have permanently expanded and to be perfectly honest my stomach is softer than a jello-ring.


Do I continue to beat myself up because I can’t quite seem to reclaim my twenty-year old body, and just accept the fact that to a certain extent, vanity comes second when there are all these other things going on?  Because more time to exercise would mean less time with the kids and/or less sleep…and it’s not like I’m overloading on either one.  

Does having it all mean I need to have a extra pounds, or am I just settling?

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