Can It: A New Food Trend!

In these hard economic times, we’re all looking for ways to save a bit of cash, right? I know my allowance isn’t buying me all the cool stuff I want to buy, so anything to save money helps. It’s GirlMogul Lily here, your Financial Go-To Girl! And I’m going to tell you about this awesome new trend in saving money. It’s totally amazing how creative people are being during these times, and I wanted to share their ideas with you!

This hot new trend is actually canning. You know all those cans of preserves you see in the grocery store? From jams and jellies to olives and capers, lots of food items can be preserved and stored in jars or cans. This new trend provides a way for you to stretch a dollar, but while having fun with family and friends. Tons of canneries and grocery stores now provide easy and instructive classes for little to no cost. Also, you can even find videos online on YouTube, or on Of course GirlMogul Rose, our resident farm girl Rose helps to can a lot of the fruits and vegetable she helps grow.

What canning entails is basically a way to preserve your own fresh produce, like any fruits and veggies you like. Also, proteins like fish work well, too, but are a bit harder to preserve. It’s kind of like baking, where you have to combine some ingredients and just let them sit. This trend is really growing, because according to, website searches for recipes for jams, canning, and preserving food in has gone up a whopping 109%! This is serious business, girls.

So, give this new, money-saving trend a try. You can look up recipes or videos, or contact your local grocer to find out if they offer classes or recipes. Workshops are also available at stores like Brooklyn Kitchen, who teach people like you and me easy ways to enjoy preserves or all kinds. Learn, eat, and most of all, enjoy! Don’t forget to give them away – a jar of homemade fruit preserves with a cute label or tag makes an awesome gift!

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