White House Round Up: The Obama Girls Get a New Ride!

Hi girls! It’s Rose here, with this week’s White House Round Up! On Monday, Sasha and Malia rode in style while visiting San Francisco—in a new cable car! San Francisco is famous for its cable car system, which is a network of long cars that sort of look like open buses that are propelled by a continuously moving cable running at a constant speed. Although some commuters use them, they are mainly used now as a tourist attraction, and people from over the world ride them when they come to San Francisco, just like the Obama girls!
Unlike the rest of the world, though, Sasha and Malia got to not only take a ride on a cable car, but were among the first passengers for a new car making its first runs in the city. The girls and their grandmother, Marian Robinson, rod from Nob Hill to Lombard Street, which is known as “the Crookedest Street in the World.” The Metropolitan Transportation Agency chief, Nathanial Ford, who escorted the girls and their grandmother to the cable car, said he was honored that the girls got the chance to go for a ride. What an awesome way to travel in a new city! Too bad there aren’t more cable car systems around today. San Francisco’s is actually the world’s last permanently operational manually-operated cable car system, which makes it an even cooler thing to experience.
While the girls were with their grandmother, Michelle was also in San Francisco to promote the president’s national volunteering initiative, called United We Serve, which was launched last week with the goal of urging people to volunteer at schools and hospitals and pitch in on community projects. Volunteering is always great to get involved in. I hope the President’s initiative is a success!

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