The Science Babe

I was at the Liberty Science Center in Newark, NJ on field trip, watching a science demonstration on the cool things you could do with liquid nitrogen – shrink balloons, freeze balloons, make fog, etc.  The science demonstrator called for volunteers – all of the boys raised their hands of course.  Behind me, I could hear mother urgiwn her tween girl to get involved – “You’re our science girl,” the mom said, to which the girl promptly replied, “No I’m not – I don’t wear a pocket protector or a pants that are too tight and short.”  So I get the pocket protector reference…though I don’t think they sell them anymore, that this girl, who probably thought all the experiments were cool and wanted to volunteer, held back because she didn’t want to be that horror of horrors, a girl geek.

So, young lady, to set your mind at rest, I introduce The Science Babe – proof that you can be way cool and be a girl geek.  You can even wear high heels.  Check out Dr. Debbie and her fascinating video on the Science of High Heels… and revel in the fact out, girl nerds, that being a science geek doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice anything else…

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