Visit a Museum This Summer

Hey girls! It’s Poppy, and I just came back from an awesome day hanging out at the museum! I don’t know about you, but I love spending time at museums—mostly ones about natural science—but sometimes I like going to art museums and other kinds as well. What’s great is that a lot of museums either have a free day during the week when you can visit or have a suggested donation, meaning you can pay whatever you want to get in. So it’s easy to go to a museum without having to spend too much money.
I know that sometimes museums don’t seem like the most exciting thing to do, especially during the summer when you’re off from school. Who wants to learn when they’re not in a classroom? But there’s tons of ways you can make visiting a museum fun. For instance, you could try making a scavenger hunt with your family by making a list of certain items you need to find. Whoever finishes their list first wins! If you’re thinking of visiting a natural history museum, see if the one in your area has a special movie playing. A lot of museums will have IMAX theaters or something similar, so that you can watch science movies on a huge screen. In art museums, it’s always fun to bring along a pencil and sketchbook and try to recreate your favorite painting. Or maybe the paintings there will inspire you to draw something else!
Museums are a great way to spend a rainy summer day. Not only are they tons of fun to go to, but you get to learn a lot, too. Find out about the museums in your area and see what kind of activities and events they offer.

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