Get a Move On – Get on Your Bike

Hey everyone. It’s Poppy here, and I want to tell you about a new, healthy hobby I’ve picked up recently. While the weather is nice outside, I want to go out and play more because the winter was so long where I live! Where ever you are, though, it’s important to get that Vitamin D from the sun (wearing that sunscreen, of course) and get some fresh air. But, it’s tough to find activities to do outside for several reasons. My mom is pretty strict and won’t let me go too far from the house, and I also live on a busy street. My house is on a main street with a tons cars passing by, so I can understand why my parents worry.
GirlMoguls, I found my solution! I bought a bike! I got mine for under a $100 at Tyos R Us, which also sells adult bikes. Now, you might be thinking, doesn’t everyone have a bike? Or, for example, maybe you’re thinking, that’s not a new solution! But, it’s not the bike itself but what you do with a bike. Health studies have found that biking is one of the best workouts you can have because it is low-impact on your knees unlike running, and also biking works out different body parts. It gets your heart rate up and going for a good cardio workout. Also, it works out your calves and hamstrings because of the peddling. Although your hands are holding the handlebars, your upper body and torso and moving so fast and vigorously that they get the blood rushing to those muscles as well. Now, the key to this is where and how you bike. I remember biking as a kid in the neighborhood and down the street. But, now, I’ve found that for a really good workout I bike uphill and back down at least twice. That really gets me going! I also have been biking during the evening so my dad can come with me, or at least my mom is around to keep an eye out on me.
Another cool idea is that if live on a busy street like me and have any kind of a yard, bike on the grass! The rough terrain will make it a bit harder to bike, but it will give you a great workout! So, get on that helmet, be safe, and live a better life!

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