White House Round Up: The Obama Girls Return to Europe!

Hey GirlMoguls! Lily here, with this week’s White House Round Up! Sasha and Malia’s summer travels have not ended yet…in fact, they just started the second round of their international tour by heading to Moscow! Moscow is the capital of Russia and the largest metropolitan area in Europe as well as a major economic center. Sounds like a place I’d like to visit someday! As you already know, the Obama girls started off their summer vacation by heading to London and Paris right after their school year ended last month, partly in celebration of Malia’s 11th birthday.
On this trip, the girls will see Russia, Italy and Ghana with their parents, their grandmother Marian Robinson, and their godmother, Eleanor Kaye Wilson. The girls are so excited to get the chance to travel to all these awesome countries and are having a great time. Who can blame them? It sounds like an awesome vacation! Sasha was so excited that she woke her parents up at 4 in the morning to chat about their trip so far…although who knows if she was awake at that early hour in the morning because of her excitement or because of a bad case of jetlag! It sounds like the Obama girls are having a great summer vacation so far and get to travel to some really fantastic places. Up next on their trip is another exciting country: Italy!

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