Quote of the Week – Charlotte Bronte on Attitude

“Life appears to me to be too short to be spent in nursing animosity or registering wrong.”
-Charlotte Brontë

Have you ever heard of Charlotte Brontë? I hadn’t, but I did hear of most famous book she wrote, Jane Eyre. Charlotte Brontë was one three sisters who were all English writers, specifically writing novels and poems. Want to know more about these frontiers in literature? Click here to read the post I wrote about Charlotte Brontë and her siblings.
Charlotte was a young female writer, but in a time when writing was not an acceptable profession for women. She grew up in the early 1800’s, and had to write under a fake name. In this quotation, Charlotte is nevertheless really optimistic about life. She went through so much, and yet, she remarks that life is too short to dwell on bad things. I like her outlook and positive thinking. I think it is very inspiring to constantly remind ourselves that ultimately, why would we waste the little time we do have on hurtful or angry instances when we could be out there enjoying life? I know I complain way too much about how annoying school is, or what project I am dreading to do. And, of course, I hate even being upset about some drama going on with groups of people at school. So, reading this quotation really made me think about all the time I waste doing that. As Brontë says, it is a waste of time “nursing animosity”, which basically means thinking and developing thoughts dealing with anger toward someone or something. I decided to really get out of my comfort zone, which is just to sulk or maybe even complain to my parents about how I don’t like something, and just move on! It’s a tough thing to do, trust me I tried it today. I was thinking in my head about something I didn’t like, and instead of verbally having a conversation about it, I just thought, “Life is too short!” and moved on. It really did feel great afterward! So, give it a try. After all, we should all enjoy living life.

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