Charlotte Brontë is Currer Bell: A Lady with 2 Names

Hey Ladies! I found out some really interesting stuff about this author, Charlotte Brontë. She had two sisters who were also writers, and they published some very famous literary works. Her most famous novel was a story called Jane Eyre. Tons of movies, TV specials, and even other books have been written or inspired by this illustrious story. And, actually, I’ve started reading it myself! I’ll let you know all about the book when I have finished it. Because Charlotte Brontë was an English writer during the 1800’s, it makes the language a little bit hard to understand. So, after every chapter, I just go online and check the plot points with a study guide that’s totally free! I’ll give you the full details in my book review of this classic novel.

But, let’s get back to the author. Charlotte was born in Yorkshire, England, in 1816. She had 5 other siblings, including 1 brother and 4sisters. When her mother died of cancer, her father sent charlotte and 3 of her sisters to a Clergy Daughters’ School, which had really bad conditions. Two of her sisters even died from TB, or tuberculosis, during their time there. Charlotte even claims that her time there was so bad that it affected her physically and mentally. She even put in the book! This school mirrors Lowood School in the novel Jane Eyre.
When she was home, her and other 3 siblings began writing stories documenting lives in imaginary places together. They wrote these stories in addition to poems. She continued her education for a short time, worked in various households as an English teacher. Eventually, in 1846, Charlotte and her two sisters, Emily and Anne, published a collection of poems. But, they had to do so under the pseudonyms of Currer, Ellis, and Action Bell, respectively. Unfortunately, her brother and two sisters all died within the next few years and left Charlotte alone with her father. She wrote her most famous work, Jane Eyre, and lived a very lonely life. Her other noels were popular as well, such as Shirley. Her sadness and tragedy can be felt through the pages of her works, as I can already sense it in Jane Eyre. But, it is worth giving her novels a try, so pick up this classic and start reading.

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