A Summer Camp That Really Rocks!

Hey Girls! How many of you loved the Disney Channel movie “Camp Rock” about a summer camp for kids who love music? Did you know that there’s a REAL camp like that made specifically for girls? Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls is a non-profit camp that is all about playing music, performing, and allowing girls to live out their dreams! The camp was made just for girls in order to stop the discrimination that girls can’t be loud or rock out like boys can. It’s not just about music, it’s also about improving self-esteem and making girls feel confident about themselves!

Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls also isn’t only about rock music: it’s about all musical genres. The camp also teaches girls about the music industry, and encourages girls to think not only about playing and writing music, but also about directing music videos, working soundboards, dj-ing, running music companies, producing records, or anything else that is possible in the music industry.

Rock Camp sounds like a pretty amazing thing to do during the summer! Too bad each session is only one week long. But even if you can’t afford to attend a rock camp like this one, or it’s too far away to drive to, there are other ways you can make your summer rock! Why not try starting a band with your friends? Or, if you don’t know how to play an instrument, try learning! You can either learn from someone who already knows (a parent, friend, or teacher) or try teaching yourself. Go to your local music store to see what instruments are available to rent or buy, and see what you can do. After enough practice, you might really be able to rock!

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