Webosaurs: The New Online World!

Hey GirlMoguls, I have some exciting news! My dad just told me about this awesome new virtual world online. It’s called Webosaurs, and it has everything! It’s Daisy here, to tell you all about this cool, new online way to have fun.

Webosaurs Beta is an entirely virtual world based on prehistoric themes. Basically, it’s all about dinosaurs. Now, you know I like my DIY Fashion posts and my food posts, but I like my good share of dinosaurs, too! I think the whole history behind a species that no longer exists is super interesting. Think about- scientists have to predict every single thing about each type of dinosaur and the way they lived millions of years ago just from bones and remnants found in the Earth! That must be tough, but I’m sure it’s enlightening as well. Well, you can take part in this world, too, by creating your very own Webosaur! You start by going to their site, which you can access here, and create your own account. After you choose what kind of dinosaur you want and name it, you put in your parent’s email address so they can activate you account. Then, you start playing! You can play tons of games to win coins. With those coins, you can buy everything from clothes for your dinosaur to interesting prehistoric foods, and even cool armor! You can interact with other users and their dinosaurs, but don’t worry! It’s safe. Webosaurs employs a program called SafeChat that only allows certain phrases to be used in chat and regulates conversation, so it’s fun and safe for you and your friends. To learn more about SafeChat and Webosaurs, you and your parents can check out their FAQ section here. This virtual game is meant for kids like us, so we can discover a new world, unlock new lands, and have fun learning. I already have my own Pterra, a winged dino, so get yours and start playing!

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  1. gamegirlgeek says

    I love Webosaurs! I’m a T-Rex. It’s pretty cool stomping around with the other dinos. The mods are really awesome too!

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