Yoga – a great exercise for all ages

Hey GirlMoguls – it’s Lily here, and we’re so excited to have another post in our Healthy Living Series from a true GirlMogul, Kristin McGee. Kristin McGee created Power Yoga and has been on MTV as their yoga guru. She’s so into Yoga and thinks it’s a great exercise even for girls like us that she just created a cool new DVD – Bendigirls Yoga. This DVD provides a fun and approachable way to enjoy this ancient spiritual practice while helping viewers ground themselves and realize the positive virtues of yoga.

Even though yoga has been around for over 2000 years, it’s really become popular in the last 10 years because it is so effective and fun. Yoga is safe to practice because it emphasizes strength and flexibility; and yoga relies on a breathing method that makes sure you are always focused on what you are doing. In yoga, we breath in and out through the nose which is called ujaayi in sanskrit and can be translated as victory breath. When you breath deeply through the nose, you can relax the body and go in to a stretch without over doing it. You also stay concentrated and discover when you hold your breath or stop breathing. When you can learn to breath through a difficult standing balance or deep stretch, you can then breath easier in situations in life that are challenging. Yoga is a weight bearing activity so it helps to build bone density and it also helps us develop strong supporting muscles in our legs, arms and core. We have to stabilize ourselves with our abdominal muscles and we work our legs and arms in a variety of motions and positions. In yoga class you’ll do things standing, sitting, on your stomach, on your back, and even upside down. Yoga will help you relax and it reduces stress. Yoga will help you gain flexibility and it will strengthen your entire body as well as you mind. Yoga will give you confidence as you breath and move your way through challenging postures and relaxing stretches. Yoga is my favorite exercise and can be done anywhere at any time and at any age!
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Kristin is also the Yoga Ambassador for the Doce Vida line of fitness clothes. Doce Vida means sweet life and they believe that athletic clothes should fit and flatter – and stay on when you work out. Doce Vida athletic clothing was created by a real woman athlete – Jordan Veatch-Goffi who is a triathlete, a tennis player and a fan of yoga and Pilates. So read on about Yoga, an ancient form of exercise that works body your mind and body. Doce Vida is offering us a great discount to all GirlMogul readers – 20% – check it out here.

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