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First all – sorry for the delay in posting.  There were umm technical issues that took several emails and a couple of tech support calls to figure out.  But we’re back and have a slate of great posts coming up, including information on a giveaway a new friend is hosting.

But first I just wanted to bring the Shaping Youth Blog and its founder Amy Jussel to your attention.  This is a great well thought out blog about the media’s effect on youth today – and don’t worry – it’s not all bad.  It includes a lot of insight into how teens spending all this time online is going to be shaping the next generation.  Of course, I am having pains realizing that I am not of the next generation anymore… Anyway great information resources and links on body image, branding, and one of my greatest worries – growing up too soon.


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    Thanks, Andrea…Shaping Youth is actually “using the power of media for positive change” so the news is NOT bad at all…think ‘LiveEarth, LiveAid, MTV Think, LiveStrong bands’ those are ALL media and marketing influences on kids too!

    Like Girl Mogul, we’re out to create a healthier worldview for kids on a global scale, so with that in mind…

    You’ll be pleased to know I’m hosting TWO giveaways of your great tees…One is on Eco Child’s Play (asking readers to create other eco-ambition/green tween slogan ideas for ya!) and one is on our home turf blog, at Shaping Youth later next week!

    Pleasure to support a like-minded agent of change! Best, Amy

    p.s. Spread the word to any L.A. readers that teens/families should see “America the Beautiful” the documentary on our ‘beauty over brains’ obsession in this country!

    Open is crucial for them THIS WEEKEND! Details here:

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