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Hi girls, it’s Lily here! Have you ever felt like there were certain things you couldn’t do just because you were a kid? Well, think again! I got the chance to talk to Ariel Fox who founded the company Sticker Sisters when she was just in Middle School! Sticker Sisters designs stickers and other fun gifts like t-shirts, buttons, and band-aids that have inspiring messages to girls on them! Ariel is so awesome and started a fun business with such a great message for young girls. Check out the interview below!

1. Which sticker slogan did you think of first? Why did you feel that was an important message to send to other girls?

I’m not sure which one was the very first slogan, but the first four stickers I made had the slogans “Girls Can Do Anything,” “Girl Power,” “Punk Rock Isn’t Just for Your Boyfriend” and “Visit Our Power Room” (illustrated with the women’s bathroom symbol). Even if it seems so simple (and obvious!) to say something like “Girls Can Do Anything,” I think it’s a really important message. Part of my struggle during middle school was feeling like I had to look and act a certain way to fit in with the other girls. Realizing that I could be/look/act however I felt most comfortable and didn’t have to conform to this narrow idea of what girls should be like was really important.

2. What was it like starting your own business when you were only in middle school?

Starting my own business when I was in middle school was fun and I learned tons, but there were also some difficult moments. So the fun part first: I’ve always loved office supplies, I got to play hooky from school to speak to college classes, I met a lot of cool people and I got to do something that’s important to me and that I enjoy. There were also plenty of challenges. Some of the challenges were unique because of my age. For instance, I couldn’t open a business bank account or even be a signer on it because I was under 18. Luckily my mom was willing to put the account in her name. One of funniest learning experiences was when I got thousands of catalogs returned to me because I hadn’t followed a little known postal regulation about the ratio of length to width. Then there was the more serious situation where I almost got sued for trademark infringement when I was in high school. Everything worked out though.

3. How did you feel about the attention you received from the local press while in high school?

The press attention I received during high school was kind of scary at first, but then it was a big relief. At first Sticker Sisters was my secret project that helped me get through the awful days at school. After I’d been doing it for six months or so I finally told one friend at school, but didn’t share it with anyone else. When the local paper was writing the first article I was nervous about everyone finding out about Sticker Sisters and this other side of me. But then when the article came out it was a relief for everyone to just find out all at once. It ended up being really exciting—I got lots of incredible letters and people I’d never talked to at school came up and said they thought what I was doing was cool.

Don’t worry GirlMoguls – we’re going to have more from Ariel tomorrow, so be sure to check back. And make sure you check out her cool girl power stickers at

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