Healthy Living Equals Good Choices

Hi GirlMoguls, it’s Poppy and we’re talking about healthy living and how to make good choices for your body. It’s another post in our healthy living series. Today, were going to talk about how we make choices that will be good for my health and body. So let’s get started!

– The easiest way to make good choices for your body and health is to ask yourself before you do something, “Is this good for me? Will this be good or bad for my body?” Even after you do something, ask yourself: “Was that good for me? Was that good or bad for my body? Should I do that again?” If you answer any of those questions to yourself with “yes,” then you are making healthy choices for your body. It is okay if you answer “no” to any of the questions you ask yourself because now you have learned what things not to do.
Can you think about what some healthy choices are?
– Here is a list of healthy choices that you can make every day.
– Eat three meals a day.
– Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
– Snack throughout the day.
– Avoid snacks with a lot of sugar, salt and food coloring.
– Make sure you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.
– Drink lots of water throughout the day.
– Avoid drinking a lot of juice and milk.
– Do not drink soda or juice that this not 100% from fruit.
– Put on lotion with SPF or sunscreen.
– Especially in the summer, if you are on a boat or skiing!
– Brush your teeth AND tongue, and floss.
– Comb/brush your hair.
– Not everyone has the same hair, and different hair needs different care. Make sure you do whatever your kind of hair needs to be healthy every day.
– Be active!
– Play by running around with friends.
– Play a team sport.
– Exercise.
– Stretch your muscles before and after being active.
– Get as much sleep as possible.

Wow – you’re probably thinking, that’s a lot of stuff I have to do!

Well, even though the list looks long, these are things that you probably do every day already! Just think about the things you do each day and see how many are on the list. If most of them are on the list, then you are taking good care of your body and probably have pretty good health. If what you do every day is missing some things from the list, try to add them to your daily activities to help you stay healthy.

Let us know if you have any questions about the list – and here’s to your health!

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    I drink Green Monster smoothies. They look so gross. I htought my mom was drinking something barfy when I saw hers. But I tried a sip – you take yogurt, your favorite fruit, and spinach and put it in the belnder. The pinach adds vitamins and turns it green, but the sweet taste of the fruit makes it so you can’t taste the spinach. YOu can drink a whole salad without realizing it. I like vanilla yogurt, a peach, a banana and spinch and some cinnamin. YUMMMMYYYYY i dare you to try it!!!!

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