Sasha and Malia's European Family Vacation

Sasha and Malia’s Summer Travels
Looks like the Obama girls’ summer vacation isn’t over yet! Rose here, with your Weekly White House Round Up! Just last week, we heard about how the Obama girls went on their second summer trip to Russia, Italy and Ghana. I thought that was the end of their summer travel plans but apparently there’s more! Sasha and Malia will spend the final week of August with their parents in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts to rest and relax from a busy summer.

I bet you girls are wondering how the rest of Sasha and Malia’s second trip went. While in Italy, the Obama girls got to visit Vatican City, which is the home of Pope Benedict, whom President Obama met with privately while the girls looked around. Immediately after the Vatican, the entire family boarded Air Force One to Ghana, for the last destination of their trip.

While in Ghana, the Obama family went to seaside fortress on Cape Coast that the British used as slave dungeons during the 17th century. This part of the trip might have been hard for the Obama family to witness, however the President said that it’s important for his girls to learn an obligation to fight oppression and learn about history’s cruelty.

From England and France, to Russia, Italy and Ghana, to Massachusetts, the Obama girls are having one interesting summer vacation! I wonder which place they enjoyed the most?

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