Ariel Fox of Sticker Sisters Part 2

Hey GirlMoguls, we promised we would bring her back — here is more from Ariel Fox, the founder of Sticker Sisters, cool girl power stickers. She started the company when she was in just middle school! You can read the first part of our Sticker Sisters article here.
4. How does it feel to have watched Sticker Sisters grow for so many years and throughout much of your life?

Sticker Sisters and I have been through so much together. 13 years. I started Sticker Sisters to help other girls feel better about themselves. But it ended up helping me too. Sticker Sisters gave me a purpose and made me push through my darkest days. But the stickers were a stepping stone to something much bigger. They helped me meet other feminist girls and find my voice. And they’re doing the same for other girls. I’ve come to think of Sticker Sisters as one of my best friends. Our identities and histories are so intertwined—I can’t really imagine life without it.

5. Is there anything that you wish you had done differently with Sticker Sisters when you look back now?

I try to look back at everything in this disgustingly healthy way as a great learning experience. I could say, “I wish I hadn’t made those catalogs that weird size and had them all returned by the post office.” But then I wouldn’t have learned that obscure post office rule and had the funny story to tell! So, while I don’t have specific regrets or things I would have done differently, I wish I could have given Sticker Sisters more consistent time and attention. While I was in college Sticker Sisters was mostly on hold (I had someone sending orders out, but I wasn’t giving it any attention). At times my life has gotten in the way of Sticker Sisters’ development.

6. What was the hardest obstacle you encountered while developing Sticker Sisters? How did you overcome it?

The hardest obstacle I’ve encountered with Sticker Sisters is not taking everything personally. I’m still working on that, but I try to step back and remember that I can’t please everyone all the time.

7. Who is your biggest fan?

My mom and my grandma are my biggest fans. They come to the National Organization for Women conference every year and help me with my booth. They’re so proud of everything I do and are great spokespeople when I’m too shy to talk about myself.

8. What advice would you give to a young girl today who has an idea for a product she thinks could be a huge hit?

Go for it! Don’t wait until your idea is perfect. Start small, give it a try and learn as you go.

9. Do you have any new ideas for Sticker Sisters, like new slogans or more products, coming up?

I have new t-shirts coming out this summer that say “Feminism Runs in My Family.”

Check out Ariel’s products and learn more about Sticker Sisters at!

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