Asking is bad too

I saw something on MSN (can’t find the link) thought was very interesting.  It was a follow up to the gender gap in wages.  One of the premises of the wage gap between men and women is that women don’t ask for raises, or negioate higher salaries from the get go.  This study said that there may be a valid reason for women not asking.  Apparently. society (men and women both) view women who ask for more money or try to negioate less favorably than women who don’t Or men who do ask for more money.  In other words – we expect and respect it men, but frown on it when woman do it and are less likely to view them in the same (favorable) light going forward…

 And can you be a money-grubbing, raise seeking women at work, preceptions be damned, and then a nice, lovely women in the rest of your life – i.e. colleagues hate you, but your friends love you? Is it better to be rich or be liked?

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