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Hey Girl Moguls! It’s Poppy here, bringing you news about kids who are considered to be real heroes in science! The winners of the Action For Nature’s 2009 International Young Eco-Hero Award are kids ages 8-16 who have conducted groundbreaking science experiments, changed legislation, written books, hobnobbed with leaders of the slow food movement, and much more. Two of the winners of the 8-12 category, Erik Uebelacker of Bel Air, Md., age 8, and Cameron Oliver of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, age 12, used their love of animals as inspirations for their winning projects.

Erik wrote his own book called Butterflies Shouldn’t Wear Shoes, after learning from his teacher that butterflies tasted with their feet. He wrote and illustrated the story with help from his mother and printed out copies to give to teachers, but soon was receiving requests for much more, so he decided to sell copies of his book and donate all the money to help animals. Since then, Erik has sold more than 450 copies and raised $2,000 that he donated to the World Wildlife Fund in 2008.

The other winner, Cameron, created a public awareness campaign to educate the public about the effects of littering in the desert after learning that many camels died every year because they ate plastic bags that have been discarded there. He made school presentations, started a web site, and distributed shirts, caps and car stickers for free. After his campaign started getting recognized, he was asked to do interviews on radio and TV! How cool!

Interested in making your own project for the Action for Nature’s International Young Eco-Hero Award? Have you already started one? The applications and guidelines will be out in August for next year’s competition! Visit to learn more about how you can a science hero! And I think it’s definitely time a girl won this time! Let us know what project you’ll be submitting!

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